We are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum that engages and motivates children to be life-long learners.



As you may know, a new National Curriculum came into operation for all primary aged children in September 2015. This is a statutory requirement from the Department for Education that we teach according to the new curriculum.



One of the features of the new National Curriculum is that it no longer uses a system of numbered ‘levels’ to describe children’s attainment. This is because it was felt by the DfE that the use of levels had, at times, been detrimental to children.  For example, talking to children about their attainment using numbered levels could contribute towards their developing a “fixed mindset” about their ability, whereas we want to foster in all our children a “growth mindset”, meaning that we believe that we can all improve our abilities with practice, effort and persistence.  We would also like to further enrich our pupils’ learning by developing a greater breadth of skills and knowledge, so that they are confident to apply their skills to different areas of the curriculum, rather than focus on moving to the ‘next level’.



This national change – the removal of levels – means that, when we discuss your child’s attainment with you, either in meetings or written reports, we will no longer be reporting levels. Instead we will refer to your child’s current level of attainment using phrases such as:


  • working within the expected range of attainment for his/her age
  • working towards the expected range of attainment
  • working below the expected range of attainment
  • working at a greater depth than the expected range of attainment



 At St Mary’s we use a creative approach to teaching the curriculum using the core skills from the National Curriculum as the basis for each topic. A new class topic is studied every half term. Children are involved in the pre-planning of their topic and contribute ideas to what is taught and how we teach it. Topics are launched with an exciting ‘BIG BANG’ to enthuse and inspire learning.

The school is committed to delivering a rich and varied curriculum. The staff believe in a creative topic-based curriculum and have therefore created a two-year rolling programme of engaging and fun topics, through which to teach all the aspects of the new National Curriculum. Please click our logo here for the Curriculum Plan.

This plan is currently under review and will be finalised by September 2018.


To support our learning in KS1, children follow the Letters and Sounds Phonic programme. We also use Spelling Attack across the whole school to support spellings and grammar. All children are taught spelling skills daily in ability groupings.


Throughout our school, we aim to ensure every child takes part in a reading focused activity every day.

Our reading scheme for younger readers is based on Oxford Reading Tree with a variety of other books and schemes to compliment it and to promote a love of reading. Books are banded according to ability.


Children are taught maths daily. At Beetley we believe passionately in ensuring that children understand how maths works rather than simply learning a process by which to work through. Lessons are planned to work from the concrete use of apparatus, to the pictorial, then to the use of the abstract.

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