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P.E. and Sport Premium

2017 – 2018 P.E. and sport premium funding report

Funding received

(September 2017 to September 2018)

Funding rate: £16,000 plus £19 per pupil

   No. eligible pupils: 184

   Total amount received: £8,820


   School Sport Lead

   Mrs Nicola Utting

   Governor responsible for Sport/ P.E.

   Mrs Rebecca Howard

   How has it made a difference this year?

We have begun to develop the meadow area and have done some consultation on extending our provision through Forest schools work.


We have 2 sports specialists in school who have trained alongside specialist teachers to help them deliver lessons that are focussed on skill development and application, resulting in improved progression for our children.


We have also used our funding to:


• provide staff with new teaching resources ensuring we have appropriate resources to teach the P.E. curriculum

• buy more balls and have updated some of our other equipment

• increased pupils’ participation in cluster events and out of school activities

• deliver specialist sports teaching with Norwich Cricket Club, JD Coaching and the Football Association

• pay for transport to and from some sporting activities

2017 – 2018 P.E. and sport premium funding report

Funding received

   No. eligible pupils: 184

   Total amount received: £ 17,840

   Funding rate: £16,000 plus £10 per pupil


Objectives of spending the PE grant:

• Improve provision and quality of PE & School Sport at St Mary’s Community Primary School.

• Broaden and increase pupil participation in competitions, interschool sport and events.

• Instil in pupils a love of sport and physical activity.

• Improve resources to support PE, including transport and equipment.

• Train staff (PE instructors and coaches) to develop sporting skill in pupils.

• Ensure that PE & School Sport is judged as at least Good by external monitoring.

• To ensure that all Y6 pupils leave KS2 with the required swimming standard

Breakdown of spending







Increase pupil participation in competitions, interschool sport and events.

Membership of WNDSSP

Cluster tournaments and transportation

Inter-school events including transportation



• Participation for all pupils in a wide range of activities across the - see WNDSSP package

• Access for all pupils to competitions at different levels

• CPD opportunities for teachers, thereby increasing skills and confidence for PE

Total spend on objective: £2950






To instill in pupils a love of sport and physical activity.

Dynamic varied P.E. lessons that promote an understanding of being healthy as well as being fun and engaging – 2hrs per week per class

Healthy living week – costs for cooking activity and visitors - £50 per class

Lunchtime and after school clubs run by staff

MSA training to promote lunchtime activities

£0 - school budget




• Pupils fed back that P.E. is one of the favourite subjects

• Employment of a qualified swimming coach

• Employment of 2 NPETCS trained staff who accompany pupils to events and teach the majority of P.E. in school as well as offer after school clubs

• Lunchtime activities promote exercise and healthy living


Total spend on objective: £1538






Improve resources to support PE, including transport and equipment.

Football goals to be installed on the field

Scheme of work to support the teaching of P.E.

Purchase of equipment for sensory circuits

Purchase a range of resources to support PE lessons and sports





• Appropriate equipment for playing football

• Scheme ensures sport is in place should the employed specialists not be available

• Development of coordination skills



Total spend on objective: £2250




To ensure all Y6 pupils leave with the required swimming standard

6 weeks of swimming instruction for Y6 pupils


Teacher = £8 per session

Instructor = £12 per session

Coach = £48 per day

Pool Hire = £70 per session


£138 x 6 = £828

By the end of Y6, all pupils will be able to:

• swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres

• use a range of strokes effectively (for example front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke)

• perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations

Total spend on objective: £828




Train P.E. instructors and coaches to develop sporting skill in pupils.

Supply costs to cover training and staff release for activities

NU- 10 days

ST- 8 days

Class cover- 6 days

TA support- 18 days

Training delivered through WNDSSP

Forest schools training

£138 x 6 = £828





Total- £3600



Total spend on objective:

£4,428 (+1850)

Total Sports Premium spend:


Spend remaining:


The remaining sports premium funding (£7,674) will be put towards rebuilding and resurfacing the tarmacked playground area. This will provide an on-going legacy of improved facilities to enable netball, ball games and a variety of activities to take place on a suitable surface.


This provision will also enhance lunchtime activities and provision for after school clubs as well as being a more attractive, multi-purpose facility, possibly being used by the local community.

Swimming data based on a class of 30 Year 6 pupils

No of pupils able to swim 25m

No of pupils who can use a range of strokes competently

No of pupils who are able to perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations




Impact of premium use




Impact on pupils’ participation:

All children from Y1-6 have access to at least one (usually two) extra-curricular sports related after school activity each term.

Lunch time activities encourage pupils to be active- skipping, football and other activities are available daily.

Sports staff ensure that all pupils across the school are invited to participate in events organised by WNDSSP as well as independent festivals/ tournaments

All pupils have at least 2hours of PE weekly and are given opportunities to take part in extension activities before and after school.


Impact on pupils’ attainment:

Pupil voice shows that children enjoy PE and would choose it as one of their favourite lessons


Fewer pupils come to school without appropriate kit. All children participate unless written consent is given and a doctor’s note is provided.





How the premium has allowed pupils to develop active lifestyles:

Healthy living week supports the children in understanding their dietary needs and the impact of food and exercise on their health and well-being.


An increased engagement in a range of sporting opportunities through WNDSSP has developed further experiences of sports and activities the children would not be able to access through school PE alone.


Pupils are joining out of school clubs for a range of sports/ activities including football, hockey, athletics, swimming, karate.


The school has invited parents and local services to support additional sports/ activities such as walking to school, healthy teeth (dentist), participation in sports and health related activities



Impact on pupils’ attainment:

Membership to WNDSSP will be purchased annually as a priority to ensure participation in a range of activities is maintained while sports funding is in place. If funding is removed, links built will be maintained and developed as far as possible by staff.

New PE equipment and scheme will support all staff to deliver quality PE lessons.

Quality CPD will ensure staff are confident and competent to deliver quality PE in the long term.

HLTA Salary Scale G28

£24964 / 1929.29 = £12.94 p/h inc costs and pension

6 hour day = £83.64.

TA Salary scale D21

£65 per day

Class teacher supply

£180 per day

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